September 14, 2021

IPeople, LP names Ryan Dickerson as CEO

Lewisville, TX - September 14, 2021 - Interface People, LP (IPeople) is excited to announce that Ryan Dickerson has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer. “Through the last ten years, Ryan Dickerson worked in nearly every area of IPeople and became a master at the technology and understanding its value with our customers,” said Gary Armfield, co-founder of IPeople. “This fact and his visionary forward-thinking approach with IPeople made him the ideal candidate for the CEO position. With Ryan's contagious positive attitude, I look forward to seeing where Ryan takes IPeople in the next few years.”   

In Ryan Dickerson’s ten-year history with IPeople he has played an integral part in a variety of roles and has helped to shape many aspects within IPeople.  Throughout Mr. Dickerson’s tenure with IPeople he has focused on the advancement of critical sales and partnership agreements.  As CEO, Mr. Dickerson will continue to oversee the innovative commitment to excellence with the IPeople product line and strong relational client involvement. “It is truly an honor to be named as CEO in an organization that focuses on putting patient care first. IPeople has such a great culture with strong core values that have been established over our nearly twenty-year history, and I am thrilled to be part of growing that brand within the healthcare industry. MEDITECH is a great system for so many organizations, and the ability to work within that EMR to enhance the user experience and focus on what really matters, taking care of their patients, is a fantastic feeling. Moving forward we are putting a strong focus on strategic partnerships in order to bring the collective best practices so many in the vendor community have established into a modern and meaningful way, allowing the hospital to benefit from technological advances made in recent years" Dickerson stated.  

Why Ryan Dickerson:

  • Knows the healthcare industry: For years, Ryan has traveled to both HIMSS and MUSE to meet current and future customers and stay on top of changes in the healthcare community.
  • Knows our customers: During Ryan's career at IPeople, he's had opportunities to work with our end-users/customers extensively remotely but also on-site for installations and training. This has given him first-hand knowledge of our customer's pain points. In addition, Ryan is one of the best at IPeople for identifying solutions to their pain points.
  • He's a master at IPeople products: Ryan has worked to some degree with nearly every IPeople product. He's attended many training sessions, including training on the MEDITECH system, and of course, has done many of the trainings himself. I've heard Ryan many times on sales calls, and his product and service knowledge depth has many times made the difference in those opportunities.
  • Ryan is a visionary with a forward-thinking approach to IPeople's solutions. Ryan has always had great zeal in seeing IPeople do well and understands that it's a great operations team that accomplishes this and a team of visionaries that can represent IPeople in the marketplace.
  • Ryan is sharp. To run IPeople, you need a quick-thinking, sharp individual with lots of energy. After working with Ryan for many years, he fits this bill.
  • Dedication and caring. Ryan cares about the future of IPeople, its employees, and customers and is dedicated to making IPeople the best in the marketplace.
  • Realistic. Ryan has seen the successes and pains at IPeople and understands you need component people in the many areas of IPeople. The whole company must be healthy with a focus on both Strategy and Operations. It's a talent that I believe Ryan can accomplish, not allowing any area to be neglected!

The IPeople Board of Directors anticipates great things to come as IPeople looks to celebrate their 20-year anniversary in the Spring of 2022. 

About IPeople

IPeople is leading the change in the innovative transformation of healthcare data. At Interface People, IPeople, we know the importance of patient care, which is why we build patient minded software and services for the healthcare industry.  That way care providers can focus on working more efficiently to improve the quality of patient care. After fifteen years, our foundation of uncompromising dedication to product reliability, service, and support is still at our very core.  We are committed to continually improving the quality and efficiency of our customer's experience with their data. To learn more visit

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