September 26, 2023

IPeople joining the MUN Conference 2023

IPeople is excited to announce the participation in the MEDITECH User Network's MUN Conference October 04-05, 2023 hosted at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool, UK.

The wide adoption of MEDITECH and excitement across Europe for the move to Expanse is very exciting.  IPeople Healthcare is honored to have the opportunity to participate with the MUN Conference.  We look forward to seeing so many new leaders in healthcare tech at this great event.  

At IPeople, we know that at the core patient care is what ultimately matters.  With the transformational shift taking place this is a critical time to collaborate with leaders globally to enhance patient care.  As we have these critical conversations we have found that key components need to be discussed:

  • Legacy data.  What will hospitals do with the vast amount of patient data still being maintained in legacy systems?  How can the hospital have a full confidence that the patient discrete data has been fully extracted?  Is it possible to extract archived data?  Archived data can present significant challenges to closing out a legacy data archive project.  Once all of the data has been archived, how will the hospital have access to necessary data after the archive is complete?
  • Downtimes.  Navigating downtime is becoming more and more of a necessary discussion for healthcare tech teams.  As the MEDITECH EHR sees exciting advancements and amazing technological growth, the need for updates and patches is becoming more regular.  Additionally, there is the unfortunate outage that may be unexpected.  How can a hospital prepare their team so that the solution does not negatively impact patient care?  Is there a way to look at downtime differently?  As advanced as our current EHR technology is we need a downtime solution that will be equally advanced.  Is it possible to have an environment that is running simultaneously parallel so that in the event of an outage a clinician can rely on the downtime portal for the necessary patient data?

We look forward to collaborating with all of those that will be attending the MUN Conference in Liverpool!

If you will be attending, please reach out and connect with us 

Topics: MEDITECH, Archiving, Expanse, downtime, Offline Views

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