May 22, 2024

Real Life Example of Data Resiliency: The Value of IPeople's Offline Suite


The healthcare landscape today has seen a dramatic increase in the digital dependency of the electronic medical record (EMR). As the EMR continues to grow with its capability to provide more complex and critical data elements which are crucial to patient care, the need for reliable access to that data becomes even more vital.


Unfortunately, as the necessity for uninterrupted access has become increasingly critical the risk of losing access has also increased. Hospitals desperately need a solution to ensure data accessibility. The variety of scenarios that may influence an EMR outage are endless; current IT staff are faced with the overwhelming challenge to provide a wide range of safeguards that will protect the EMR accessibility. As hospitals continue to update their MEDITECH EMR they are experiencing the increased frequency of planned downtimes, in addition there's a growing uncertainty of unexpected outages. Health networks that tackle the challenge to find a solution either find that solutions are either cost prohibitive or place an extensive strain on busy IT staff to maintain.


Frederick Health recently experienced an unexpected outage of the MEDITECH EMR. Relying on the IPeople Offline Suite, Frederick Health had the opportunity to ensure that patient care was not compromised and critical access to data was available to any physician or clinician which needed access. At the upcoming MUSE International Inspire Conference in Denver, Colorado; Joe Sainz from Frederick Health will join Ryan Dickerson, IPeople’s CEO to discuss the impact of the IPeople Offline Suite during this unexpected outage.


During this timely and insightful presentation Joe and Ryan will discuss critical parts of what it means to be prepared for an unexpected outage.


What happens when the inevitable unexpected EMR outage occurs? Such disruptions pose significant risks to patient care, leading to delays in treatment, compromised data integrity, and potential medical errors. In these critical moments, having a reliable solution to continue providing access to critical patient data becomes paramount. This is where the IPeople Healthcare Offline Suite steps in, providing hospitals with a robust contingency plan to mitigate the impact of EMR outages and safeguard patient well-being without taxing the hospital IT staff.


The IPeople Healthcare Offline Suite serves as a lifeline for hospitals during times of EMR outages by offering comprehensive data accessibility. This suite encompasses a range of features designed to ensure continuity of care even when the primary EMR system is inaccessible. One of its key components is the ability to capture registration activity during the outage which will be entered back into the EMR after access has been restored. By enabling access to essential patient data, Orders, and historical context; the IPeople Healthcare Offline Suite empowers clinicians to make informed decisions and deliver quality care without disruption.


Whether planned or unexpected, any outage has the costly potential to negatively impact the hospital and patient care. If hospitals do not have an appropriately updated downtime plan, they may find themselves grappling with a multitude of challenges. Downtime procedures have not kept pace with the technological advancements made in the electronic medical record system. Patient care can be compromised as healthcare providers struggle to access critical information such as medical histories, medication lists, and treatment plans. The consequences of such disruptions can be far-reaching, affecting not only individual patients but also the overall efficiency and reputation of the healthcare institution.


The IPeople Healthcare Offline Suite addresses these concerns by offering hospitals a dependable solution to access critical elements of the MEDITECH EMR during planned and unexpected outages. By leveraging the Offline Suite functionality, healthcare providers can continue delivering uninterrupted care to patients, thereby minimizing the risk of adverse outcomes. Whether it's accessing patient charts, reviewing lab results, or prescribing medications, the Offline Suite ensures that clinicians have access to the information they need, when they need it, regardless of the status of the primary EMR system.


Moreover, the Offline Suite offers hospitals the flexibility to customize their implementation and features according to each health system’s specific needs and workflows. Whether deployed on premise or in the cloud, no matter the data needed, the IPeople Healthcare Offline Suite can be adapted to suit diverse clinical environments and operational requirements. This versatility enables hospitals to optimize their contingency planning strategies and effectively mitigate the risks associated with EMR outages while not putting the additional strain on the internal IT staff to implement and maintain such a robust solution.


Join us for this critical conversation at the upcoming MUSE International Conference, May 29th at 1:30pm.


If you are unable to attend the MUSE conference and would like learn more about the IPeople Offline Suite, schedule a call to learn more.

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