December 6, 2021

Real world value of interfaces and automation

Ever wish you had a magic wand you could waive to magically get those massive amounts of data entered into your MEDITECH system fast and accurate?
When your hospital connects with IPeople to develop a custom interface you see a major increase in workflow efficiencies. A custom interface provide staff the means to jump from one system to the next easily while creating additional time to focus on other tasks. 

Recently during our Innovation Roundtable, the team at IPeople engaged in a deep-dive discussion with InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan Company, an industry leader in healthcare payment solutions. 

Listed below are a few of the topics discussed during the conversation:

  • ability to implement tighter integration between a vendor platform and MEDITECH
  • eliminate need for duplicate data entry and reduce possibility of human error
  • permits hospital to reallocate staffing resources to focus on higher impact items

To hear the full discussion, click HERE 

So what kind of value can an integration like this bring? Charles, an IPeople Interface Developer with over 20 years experience, brought his unique perspective to the discussion - 

"The true value in interfaces and automation is that by automating tasks that have traditionally been done manually by hospital personnel you free up those personnel to accomplish other tasks throughout the hospital.  This is beneficial not only to the hospitals but also flows down to improving the patient’s experience which should be the end goal of healthcare organizations."

- Charles P., Interface Developer

Whether you are a hospital or a vendor looking at implementing a solution like this, watch the video to learn about some key elements to consider as you begin your search for the right partner.

Click the following link to set up an absolutely free 30-minute scoping session to see how we can automate your next challenge.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Innovation Roundtable.

Topics: Interoperability, Interface, MEDITECH, Automation

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