July 13, 2022

Enhance the MEDITECH Hospital Patient Journey

Healthcare has seen more than enough changes over the last couple years to last a lifetime. 

IPeople has a unique opportunity to hear from hospitals across the United States and Canada; we are seeing an increased focus on the importance of the patient journey. As we look to the future of patient centered care, the patient journey becomes crucial for the success of healthcare organizations. A well developed and holistic patient journey is the secret sauce that develops trust with patients and builds lifelong connections.  With our concentration on Information Technology and the uninterrupted access to patient data we recognize that this is a vital part to the patient experience. 


What is the patient journey? Patient journey is defined as the entire sequence of events that the patient experiences within a healthcare system. 


This life cycle starts with the patient's need for an appointment and scheduling that appointment and ends at the completion of services and payment. Due to the nature of healthcare, this cycle can span days, weeks, or even months. This adds to both the complexity and importance of developing your journey with intention.  We continue to see the need for greater MEDITECH integration as organizations moving towards applications that assist patients and organizations meet their mutual goals. 

What are some tools that will become crucial in enhancing the patient journey? 

  • Expanded patient portal access 
  • Appointment Reminders 
  • Mobile Bill Pay 


What would you add to this list that would enhance the patient journey?





Topics: Interoperability, Interface, MEDITECH, Automation, Expanse

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