March 21, 2022

Alternative Routine for viewing Meditech Data Definitions (MAGIC)

There is an alternative method for viewing Meditech Data Definitions that will show all of their segments. 

  1. Create a report with Report DPM NPR.PROC with any report title you like.
  2. Add a Report Title and Active field of Y.
  3. Add Select Field with operator IG and Prompt PLEASE SELECT AN OPTION
  4. File and translate your report.
  5. Use option 8 (Edit Elements) to add the following attributes to the field:

 FCL1=@W.err("The view routine does not exist on your system.")},

The DPM option allows you to pick a DPM and view the Data Definitions.  SEG allows you to be more exact and pick both a DPM and Segment, while ELE allows you to pick both a DPM and a Field.  After picking an option, you can type "?" to get a pop-up window explaining the keystrokes to use to navigate the screens.

Topics: MEDITECH, Magic System, NPR Report, CS System

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