List of MEDITECH and MEDITECH-related application mnemonics

This list which at one time existed at  is copied below for your convenience. The list specifies which platform an application works with (M - MAGIC, CS - Client Server) or which other vendor an application belongs to (LSS).

WiMUG stands for Wisconsin Meditech Users Group.

Mnemonic Name Description Platform Link(s)  
A&E Accident and Emergency Subset of UK ADM UKonly
ABS Abstracting Collects and Reports patient information M,CS,UK
ADM Admissions Patient Registration M,CS,UK
AOM Ambulatory Order Mgmt Prescription writing and management tool plus other features. Also referred to as to RXM. Part of PCM and EDM suites. LSS http://intranet/iedm/praom.htm
AP Accounts Payable   M,CS,UK  
ARM Authorization & Referral Mgmt Included in MPM Suite OR sold separately; A streamlined approach for managing authorizations and referrals. CS http://intranet/icws/pages/armdocs/m_arm.htm
B/AR Billing/Accounts
Accommodates multi-entity accounting and assists with every aspect of a health care organization's billing and collections. M,CS,UK
BBK Blood Bank Part of LIS M,CS,UK
BF Budgeting and Forecasting Purchasable option with ESS; Allows sites to create and manage their budgets. M,CS
BHxxx Behavioral Health For Example BHNMI is Behavioral Health NMI; Applications (prefaced with BH) CS http://intranet/salesproduct/salesproductbhedsummary.htm
BMV Bedside Med. Verification Allows caregivers to utilize bar code technology to confirm patient identity and medication information. M,CS
CA Cost Accounting Helps organizations monitor and control their costs. M,CS
CC Continuing Care Provides features necessary to facilitate a full continuum of service for extended care patients and residents. CS
CL Claims (Electronic) Subset of B/AR M,CS  
CM Care Manager Provides a continuum of mental health care.
See link for details.
CON Contracting UK ONLY UKonly
CPOE Computerized Physician
Order Entry
Also referred to as POM; Physicians enter and manage orders from the hospital, home, or while traveling. Code resides in OE; Part of PCM suite. M,CS
CWS Community Wide Scheduling Simplifies the process by which staff members schedule patient appointments.
Also referred to as SCH.
DA Data Archive Allows for permanent storage of computer -generated reports and scanned documents. M,CS
DPT Departmental (M) part of OE;
(CS) part of ITS
DR Data Repository Reporting and Decision Support Tools. M,CS,UK
Electronic Ambulatory Record Part of MPM suite; On-line patient clinical record. LSS
EDM Emergency Dept. Mgmt. Allows Emergency Department staff manage patients.Product Suite containing EDM, POM
EMR Enterprise Medical Record see EMRT. CS, FS
EMRT Enterprise Medical Record Provides a single source for viewing all relevant patient information. Equivalent of PCI in Magic. CS, FS
EP Electronic Prescribing Subset of PHA UK. UKonly
EPI Enterprise Patient Index Shared database of demographic, insurance, and visit history information for every patient in the integrated care delivery system. CS
EPS Extra PCI Datasource a.k.a Clinical Review in 5.4 PCM package.  Provides physicians with real time dynamic views of patients' clinical data. M only http://intranet/salestraining/cont%5Fed%5Fclinical%5Freview.htm
ESS Executive Support System Management tool for gathering and analyzing information from throughout their network. M,CS,UK
FA Fixed Assets Helps health care organizations to control and depreciate their assets. M,CS
GL General Ledger Financial bookkeeping and reporting. M,CS,UK
HIS HIS $T Counterpart to MIS
HR Human Resources HR functionality; Used in conjunction with PP M,CS Original DDP 3112
HUB No full name! PART OF EMR; CS  
HUBS HUB Server Server Code for EMR CS,FS    
HWS HUB Web Server FS Application that sends data to IG CS    
IAD Internet Gateway for Physicians Part of PCM Suite;Subset of IG; M,CS
IAP Internet Gateway for Patients Subset of IG;
Helps HC organizations maintain effective electronic relationships with patients.
IAS Internet Gateway for Staff Part of HR Suite; Subset of IG;
Enables employees to easily access work-related data.
ICS Integrated Communications Systems Customer Version of RAT applications. FS http://intranet/qacontent/icsmenu.htm
IG Internet Gateway Suite of Applications including IAP, IAS and IAD M,CS,UK
ITS Imaging and Therapeutic Services CS Version of RAD and Departmental CS http://intranet/newhireseminars/eseducitsseminar.htm
LAB Laboratory Part of LIS M,CS,UK
LIS Laboratory Information System Suite of applications: LAB/BBK/MIC/PTH M,CS
LSI LSS Shared Information Part of MPM Suite LSS  
LTC Long Term Care Financial, Administrative, and Clinical system  for extended care patients and residents. M,CS
LTAC Long Term Acute Care Same as above except patient eventually is discharged; finite stay    
MAM Medical Archiving Management Meditech's Data Archiving Solution M only http://intranet/hca/friday_links/mam080102.htm
MC Managed Care 2 Applications: MCEM, MCFM;
Retired Application.
M,CS http://intranet/mimc/MIC_Whatismc.htm
MIC Microbiology Part of LIS M,CS,UK
MIS Management Information System   M,CS,UK  
MM Materials Management   M,CS,UK
MMPHA Materials Management - Pharmacy MM linked to PHA M,CS,UK  
MOX Magic Office Mailing System, Employee Locator M,UK  
MPM Medical Practice Management Suite of products containing modules from both MEDITECH and LSS designed to  manage outpatient offices. Products include: SCH,PB/R,PWM,EAR,AOM,ARM(C/S),LSI(LSS)  M,CS

MRI Medical Records   M,CS,UK
MRM Medical Records Management Archiving and Scanning System with Remote Coding M,CS  
NMI Non-MEDITECH Interface Interfacing Module M,CS,UK http://intranet/inmi/
NPPOM Non- Provider POM Refer to OM M,CS  
NPR Non-Procedural Representation   M,CS,UK  
NR Nurse Rostering UK specific product since replaced by NUR SS UKonly  
NUR Nursing Equivalent of PCS in Magic. M,UK
OA Office Automation Part of MOX, offers file storage M,UK  
OD Optical Disk see Data Archiving    
OE Order Entry   M,CS,UK
OM Order Management Part of PCM Suite, same code as POM; aka NPPOM. M only  
ONC Oncology Management Separate application that enhances POM allowing for placement/tracking of chemotherapy type orders. M,CS http://magicweb/dts/PROJECTS/3192.htm
OR Operating Room Management Provides functionality for all aspects of running a hospital operating room. M,CS
PB/R Physician/Billing Receivable Part of MPM suite. M,CS  
PCI Patient Care Inquiry Source for viewing the Electronic Medical Record. M,UK http://www.meditech.comprpci/homepage.htm
PCM Physician Care Manager Suite of applications which allow physicians to manage their workloads, review patients' results, manage orders, document care, and electronically sign documents on-line. M,CS
PCS Patient Care System Nursing Application for C/S CS,FS
PDI Patient Discharge Instructions Library of physician-approved recovery care instructions to distribute to patients upon discharge. LSS
PE Patient Education Teaches patients and the community about common medical diagnoses, treatments, medications, and care. Comprised of:
* Patient-Centered Education
* General Diagnosis Education
PHA Pharmacy Helps pharmacists perform their daily activities efficiently and effectively. M,CS,UK
POC Point of Care Enhancement in NUR and PCS to allow nurses and other caregivers to perform bedside documentation. M,CS  
POM Physician Order Management Physicians enter and manage orders from the hospital, home, or while traveling.  Also referred to as EPOM and CPOE. Part of PCM and EDM suites. M,CS
PP Payroll
Supports payroll, benefit plans, job classifications, withholdings/deductions, and employee types. M,CS
PPM Physician Practice Management SCH and PRV; No longer being sold as PPM; see MPM. M,CS N/A
PRV Provider Module Synonym for PPM; Database = LSS  
PTCT Patient Care Technologies Home Health Care vendor/suite of applications. M,CS
PTH Pathology Part of LIS M,CS
PWM Provider Workload Management Accessed via MPM or PCM; Enables physicians to access their schedules, manage tasks, review results, etc. M,CS
QM Quality Management Tools for documenting and monitoring quality and environmental issues. M,CS http://intranet/hcisimp/gifyiqualitymanagementov.htm
RAD Radiology Clinical M,$T,UK  
RADRW Radiology Report Writer   M,UK  
RM Risk Management Subset of QM; reporting/tracking tool of risks to patients, staff and visitors and risk of loss to organization itself M,CS http://intranet/hcisimp/gifyiqualitymanagementov.htm
RW Report Writer   M,CS  
RXM Prescription Order Mgmt Prescription management tool plus other features. Also referred to as AOM. Part of PCM and EDM suites. M,CS
SCA Scanning and Archiving Meditech's Data Archiving Solution. Suite may include MAM (magic only) and MRM.(magic or CS) M,CS http://intranet/salesprice/salespricescan&archive.htm  
SCH Scheduling Also referred to as CWS. Part of MPM suite. M,CS  
SCH Outpatient Scheduling Module Also referred to as CWS. Part of MPM suite. UKonly  
SPC Special Maternity UK Only UKonly  
SS Support Systems AMS Module AMS http://intranet/magicsys/homepage.htm
SS Theatre Management UK Only UKonly http://intranet/iint/theatres.htm
STS Staffing & Scheduling Separate Module in CS. Feature of NUR in MAGIC. Highly integrated with PP
TECH Technical Operations AMS Module, Subgroup of Systems AMS http://intranet/magicsys/pages/CSTECH/mtcss.htm  
WL Waitlist Application UK Only UKonly http://intranet/reportwriter/pages/referencepages/mgukwl.htm
WW Windows Workstation Allows authorized PC users at home or in their offices to connect to the MEDITECH system Internet. M
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