January 10, 2022

Print code for $T Programs in Meditech C/S

  1. Select the Report DPM NPR.DOLT
  2. Enter a report name (any name you like)
  3. Page 1 will just need a Report Title and the Active field set to Y, and set Page Banner to NONE
  4. Add the following Footnotes:
    AL START start
    SFF NO
    EFF NO
    PFF NO
  5. File and translate your report
  6. Add a macro called start with the following code:
    DO{@Next(NPR.DOLT.program.name) IF{NPR.DOLT.program.name="IPL";
    I("PROGRAM: "_c.procedure.urn)N^!,
    DO{+/R.MV["D",X]^X I(/R.MV["D",X,10])N^!},
    DO{@Add(1,X)'>3 N("")^!}}}
  7. File and translate your macro and then retranslate your report again

The code for the program IPL does not print via this report. I have found that the NPR.PROC.list.logic.M.compile macro crashes when printing the IPL program.

Topics: Report Writing, NPR Report

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