Documenting NPR Field Attributes, Line Attributes and Footnotes

Entering documentation on Field Attributes, Line Attributes, and Footnotes can come in handy for allowing other users to better understand what a report is designed to do.

There is no standard Meditech Attribute or Footnote that allows for documentation, but users can still enter comments/documentation. An error message will appear but that will not adversely affect the normal functioning of the report.

Within either the Enter/Edit Field Attributes, Line Attributes, or Footnotes window, enter in comments in the following manner:

01=First comment text
02=Second comment text
03=Third comment text

After pressing the key to file the window and move on, a message will appear that 01 is NOT a valid attribute. That error message will NOT interfere with the normal operation of the report. Another error message will appear after Translation for these comments added to Line Attributes and Footnotes. Again, these error messages do not affect the normal operation of the report.

The Meditech Report Writer software automatically sorts Field Attributes and Line Attributes in alphanumeric order. Using the numbers (01, 02, 03, etc) as your comment Field Attributes makes sure that the comments are stored in the correct order. The Footnote editor does not automatically sort Footnotes in alphanumeric order. The Footnotes are simply sorted in the order they are entered. The numbers still come in handy for keeping track of the comments.

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