Print code for $T Macros in Meditech C/S


  1.   Select the Report DPM NPR.DOLT
  2.   Enter a report name (any name you like)
  3.   Page 1 will need a Report Title: "_%(NPR)"
    You will need to replace "report" with the name of your report.
  4.   Set Active field set to Y and set Page Banner to NONE
  5.   Add the following Footnotes:

        AL START start
        SFF NO
        EFF NO
        PFF NO
  6.  File and translate your report
  7.  Add a macro called start with the following code:

  8.  File and translate your start macro
  9.  Add a macro called s with the following code:

         IF{'/GO 1^/GO,
         "PRINT $T MACROS";
  10. File and translate your macro and then retranslate your report again
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